Published Work.

Minor Miner

The gripping Thatcher/Scargill era conspiracy drama. My first novel and one of three from The Ellen Minor Series.

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Founded, Invested or at the Coal Face.

Online health & fitness program.

Making some small changes to the way you live now can significantly improve your quality of life and increase how long you might live.

Online health & fitness program.

28 by Sam Wood, a complete online training, nutrition and motivation program.  28 minutes a day for 28 days to change your life.

Fashion retail analytics platform.

Buying Intelligence provides fashion retailers a real-time snapshot of their competitors in the palm of their hand to give them the competitive edge.

Wellness and nutrition app.

JOY is an online program that will nourish your body and your mind. With leading experts in training, nutrition and mindful practices.

Online dating app.

Cuplin is a matchmaking app. A paradigm shift in dating - rather than the singleton putting themselves forward, their friends do it for them.

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Board Membership and Advisory.

Reading confidence for kids.

Bookbot highlights missed and mispronounced words as a child reads along allowing them to build confidence in reading. 

Get rewarded to take ownership of your data.  Tell us the things you like in return for the things you love.

Revel is an end-to-end event planning tool that helps anyone wanting to host an event to find and manage the service vendors in their local area.

A new kind of bank.

We're building a bank that's got your back. A bank that puts your interests first, allowing you to live the life you want, whilst building for your future.

Startmesh is a Global tech Venture Catalyst helping commercialise startups post idea validation through to sustainable profitability or liquidity event.

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Failed, Dismantled or Needing Revival. 

bownd. memories. together.

bownd™ intelligently gathers photos and conversations from your social profiles and devices to produce a personal memento of treasured moments.

Make your pastime pay.

A stage to fund or get paid for your pastime.  Enthusiasts provide or participate in content of their pastime that brands can use to then market the brand.

SteelVelo. Retro-mod bicycles.

SteelVelo blends some of the most iconic steel bicycle frames from the 70's, 80's and 90's with the latest compontents modern cycling technology has to offer.

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Who is Matthew Morgan?

Started career as writer. Paris. Acclaim. Reward? One unfinished book. Product Design degree, or, 4 years wasted. Trained as cabinet maker. Kept writing. Sold ice cream. Drove a van. Made money. Tried my hand at bike racing. Escaped to London, opened a shop. That failed. Started stand-up comedy. Became least successful comic — ever. Desperate. Crafted fantastic CV that won job in advertising. Excelled, traveled. Got paid for creating narrative. Revived school computer club membership. Became digital nerd. Excelled again. Awarded. Moved to Asia. It’s different there. Built eBay store selling vintage bicycles. Created political blog, sought investment. Failed. Launched cars, sold tins, activated audiences. All rather well. Beautiful wife. Beautiful daughter. Beautiful boy. Ugly dog. Became head of something. Co-founded tech start-up. Sold start-up. Smile. Now helping build new brands. Still writing. And that led me to today.